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Dada Siba

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Text and photographs courtesy - Dr. Ashok Thakur.

Siba (Jagir) also known as DADA-SIBA came in picture when Maharaja Ranjit Singh gifted the 1/4th part of Siba State to Mian Devi Singh s/o Kanwar Shyam Singh,who was younger son of Raja Madho Singh. Mian Devi Singh deputed as Talukdar of Kotla,in Samvat 1830. He was cousin of Raja Gobind Singh s/o Raja Sher Singh s/o Raja Madho Singh and one of the helping hand of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was defeated by Raja Ram Singh as HE re-capatured the SIBA FORT. Britishers entered in Siba State but they were strongly opposed by Raja Ram Singh and HIS brother Thakur Sunder Singh(Kanwar) as a result Sunder Singh exiled from Siba State,who lateron,settled on a piece of land presently known as Village: Tantpalan . Britishers left the Siba State untouched but Siba Jagir was successfully captured by the British Rulers and little later, the titled of Jagirdar was re-granted to Bijai Singh son of Mian Devi Singh in 1858. Bijai Singh also declared himself as Raja of Siba Jagir but the britishers did not accept this. Later on, Britishers created Jai Singh s/o Bijai Singh s/o Mian Devi Singh, Raja of Dada-Siba in 1879& with the support of British Rulers , partially ruled over Siba (Jagir) i.e. Dada-Siba. After him, following are the titled Jagirdars/rulers of Dada-Siba:
1. Raja Jai Singh
2. Raja Gajender Singh,
3. Raja Shyam Singh
4. Raja Harminder Singh, Raja Harminder Singh was degraded as he performed marriage with his cousin,2nd Rani(daughter of sister of Raja Shyam Singh), which is against Hinduism & Hindu Laws.
5. Raja Barjinder Singh present title of Jagirdar(Raja) of Siba(Jagir).
***** Siba(Jagir) i.e. DADA-SIBA is presently situated at Tehsil;Dehra,District: Kangra(Himachal Pradesh, India).