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PRESENT RULER: Thakur Saheb Shri GOPAL SINGHJI (Photo), 16th Thakur of Balunda (2030VS/-)

First Class Tazimi Sardar, married Thakur Rani Virendra Kumari, youngest daughter of Rawat HARI SINGHJI II of Bansi, and his wife, Rani Anope Kunwar, and has issue.
Kanwar Raghvandra Singh (Photo), married Kanwarani Priyangana Singh, daughter of Thakur UMMAID SINGHJI of Chickalana, Madhya Pradesh, and his wife, Thakurani Manhorma.
Kanwar Koshlendra Singh, married Kanwarani Neha Kumari, daughter of Kanwar Kuntal Singhji of Padone, M.P.

Kanwarani Mahima Kumari Rathore B.A., born 28th September 1978, married 3rd July 2003, Kanwar Chandraveer Singh Parmar, son of Thakur Ganga Singhji of Ramseen-Jalore, Senior I.A.S. Officer of Gujarat State, and has issue.
Baiji Lal Nandika Kumari Parmar
Bhanwar Shri Shatrunjay Singh Parmar

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Founded in 1606 Samvat by Rao Chandaji, 4th son of Rao Viramdevji of Merta. Rulers were...
Rao CHANDA Ji 1573/1642, founder of the State, died 1642 Samvat.

Rao RAMDAS Ji 1642/1679, died 1679 Samvat.

Thakur JAGAT SINGH Ji 1679/1725, died 1725 Samvat.

Thakur MOKUM SINGH Ji 1725/1740, married 1stly, Thakurani Rajawatji, daughter of the Thakur Saheb of Narwar in Jaipur, married 2ndly, Thakurani Narukaji, she had issue, one son, married 3rdly, Thakurani Ranawatji, she died sp, married 4thly, Thakurani Shekhawatji, she died sp, married 5thly, Thakurani Baghelji, daughter of Maharaja Raj Narayan Singh of Rewah, she had issue one daughter, and had issue, two sons and one daughter. He died 1740 Samvat.
Thakur HARI SINGHJI (by Thakurani Rajawatji) (qv)
Kunwar Anand Singh (by Thakurani Rajawatji), died young.

Thakur HARI SINGH Ji 1740/1765, died 1765 Samvat.

Thakur VIJAY SINGH Ji 1765/1775, died 1775 Samvat.

Thakur ABAY SINGH Ji 1775/1802, died 1802 Samvat.

Thakur SHYAM SINGH Ji 1802/1806, died 1806 Samvat.

Thakur FATEH SINGH Ji 1806/1859, died 1859 Samvat.

Thakur SHIV SINGH Ji 1859/1870, married and had issue. He died 1870 Samvat.
Thakurani Sada Kanwar, married Thakur RAJ SINGH of Khood.

Thakur BAGH SINGH Ji 1870/1895, died 1895 Samvat.

Thakur JEVAN SINGH Ji 1895/1950, died 1950 Samvat.

Thakur ANOP SINGH Ji Saheb 1950/1992, married 1stly, Thakurani Sohan Kanwar, daughter of Rao Bahadur Thakur SHIVNATH SINGHJI of Bera, and his wife, Rani Roop Kanwar , daughter of HH Maharaja PRATAP SINGH of Idar; married 2ndly, Thakurani Indra Kanwar of Jalamand, married 3rdly, Thakurani Sajjan Kanwar of Kharawda, married 4thly, Thakurani Khama Khanwar of Balarwa, and had issue. He died 1992 Samvat.
Thakur SHER SINGH Ji Saheb (by Thakurani Sohan Kanwar)(qv)
Thakur Hari Singh (by Thakurani Sajjan Kanwar)
Thakur Shyam Singh (by Thakurani Khama Khanwar)
Thakur Kan Singh (by Thakurani Khama Khanwar)
Kumari Roop Kanwar (by Thakurani Khama Khanwar), married Raja BHUPAT SINGH of Umaidnagar, and had issue.

Thakur SHER SINGH Ji Saheb 1992/2021, First Class Tazimi Ruler, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; Member of Consultative Committee of Sardars and the Walter-krit Hitkarini Sabha in Jodhpur, married Thakurani Ucchal Kanwar of Satheen, and had issue, 2 sons and 4 daughters. He died 2021 Samvat.
Thakur Daulat Singhji, married and had issue.
Thakur Virendra Singhji, married Thakurani Mummal Kumari of Devrala-Jaipur, and has issue.
Kanwar Ripudaman Singh
Kanwar Abhimanu Singh
Kanwarani Raghuraj Kumari, married to Kanwar Saheb of Danta-Jaipur.
Daughter1, married the Apji Sahib of Kotda-Kotah.
Rani Samdar Kumari, married Rawat MANGAL SINGH of Badgaon and has issue.
Thakurani Padam Kanwar, married Thakur KARAN SINGH of Jahota-Jaipur, and has issue.
Daughter4, married Maharaj Surendra Singhji of Shivrati, and has issue.

Thakur BHAWANI SINGH Ji Saheb 2021/2030, married Rajkumari Ummed Kanwar, daughter of Rawal BANNAI SINGHJI of Dhula-Jaipur, and had issue, 4 sons and 3 daughters. He died 2030 Samvat.
Thakur Saheb Shri GOPAL SINGHJI (qv)
Kanwar Narendra Singhji, married Kumari Renu of Jaswadi in Madhya Pradesh, and has issue, 2 daughters,
Pooja Rathore
Jhanvi Rathore
Kanwar Chatrapal Singhji, married Kumari Jaswant Kanwar, sister of the Rao Saheb of Chitalwana-Jalore, and has issue.
Kanwar Digvijay Singh
Kanwar Praduman Singh
Kanwar Man Singhji, married Kumari Prabha Kumari, daughter of Thakur Saheb of Bankali, and has issue.
Kanwar Anirudh Singh
Kanwar Praikshit Singh
Kanwarani Mahendra Kumari, married Kanwar Ranveer Singhji of Mandwas-Jaipur.
Kanwarani Surendra Kumari, married Kanwar Gajendra Singhji of Bhikamkor-Bikaner.
Rani Vijaylaxmi Kumari, married Apji Sahib Chatrabir Singhji of Koela-Kotah.

Thakur Saheb Shri GOPAL SINGHJI (see above)

Thakurani Badan Kanwar, married (as his first wife), Thakur RAMPRATAP SINGH of Mandawa. She died sp 1844.


Th.Mokam singhji Balunda & bhageli Rani !!
Saving Maharaja Ajit Singh along with vir Durgadasji

Maharaja Jaswant Singh, ruler of Marwar, died in 1679 without immediate male heirs. However, two of his wives were pregnant at the time of his death. These circumstances allowed the mughal emperor Aurangzeb to intervene; he appointed a Muslim to rule over Marwar, which upset the Rathod clan a great deal. One of Jaswant Singh's pregnant widows gave birth, in due course, to a male child, who was named Ajit Singh. After the birth of this rightful heir, prominent grandees of Marwar, including Durgadas, went to Delhi along with the infant Ajit Singh and asked Aurangzeb that the infant be confirmed in his late father's estates and titles. Aurangzeb did not absolutely refuse, but suggested, supposedly for the infant's own safety, that Ajit grow up in Delhi in front of him. The nurturing of the head of the Rathod clan in Aurangzeb's staunchly muslim household was not acceptable to the clan. It is said that crown prince Ajit Singh along with his mother was staying at a place called "Bhuli Bhatiyari" near Jhandewalan of modern Delhi. Durgadas and others of the delegation resolved upon smuggling Ajit Singh out of Delhi. Durgadas and his 300 men, notable among them Thakur Mokam singh Balunda and Mukand Das Khichi made a plan.According to the plan Mokam Singh Balunda's wife Bagheliji put her infant girl, in place of Ajit Singh.As they approached the outskirts of the city, the mughal guards fell in hot pursiut and Durgadas and his companions had to make their escape while fighting hand-to-hand battle with the much larger mughal army. Every so often, some 15-20 Rajputs would fall behind to check the mughal pursuers, in the process getting themselves kille.In this battle Mokam singh Balunda,his son Hari singh Balunda got injured,but they managed to keep distance betwwen the forward party and the Mughals.Among them Mokam singh Balunda's wife Bagheli Rani This continued till the evening; Durgadas was left with just seven men out of the 300 he started with, but he managed to escape with the infant Ajit Singh to safety to Balunda. Mokam Singh's wife Bagheliji kept Maharaja Ajit singh at Balunda for almost one year, Later, he was moved to the safety of Aravali hills near Abu Sirohi, a remote town on the southern fringes of Marwar, and grew up in anonymity.