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Originally hailing from the Shubhadhya Darogabari near Dhaka , Bangladesh, Amita Roy started searching for the info about the Bengali zamindars including her own family about which she came across very scattered and uneven knowledge base . Though she has done her M.Phil on Narrative Sculptural Reliefs of the Pallavas from Annamalai University which is very much a part of Art History, she started getting interest into the genre of Indian nobility which is a vast scope of study , a topic rarely taken up as most of the available discussion is focussed on the erstwhile Indian royalty while setting up a database for her own family.

Later it started from a small initiative with a Facebook page known as ' An Era of Indian Zamindars, Jagirdars, Taluqdars ' which was created as a small reference base for data on Indian aristocracy which got a very warm response. Right now she is doing her non fiction project based on Indian aristocracy .




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