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Gayen estate

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Gayen estate was founded by Gopichand Gayen nearly 200 years ago when he arrived from the then undivided portion of East Bengal in Basirhat. He was extremely successful in trade and commerce which was further expanded by his son Mahendranath Gayen. The family established their zamindari in Dhanyakuria and was one of the three zamindars alongwith the Shaus and Ballabhs. The family owned multiple properties and was very much into welfare and charitable causes. The family built the Basirhat Town Hall along with Basirhat Hospital and also the High School and Primary Dispensary in their village Dhanyakuria. The family owned the Dhanyakuria Castle which is now acquired by the State Govt and runs an orphanage there.

The family still owns a house on Shyambazar Street in north Kolkata and the Gayen Bari in Dhanyakuria village . Most of the members have moved out due to professional reasons but the main property Gayen Bari is still resided by the descendants. Their annual Durga Puja is a grand affair which is flocked by thousands of visitors. The property is sometimes used for shootings but nowadays its rare . Shyamsundar Jiur is their family deity who was established around 1821.