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Shitoles of Ankali

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The Shitoles claim descent from one of the Sisodia Rajput families of Udaipur which settled in the then province of Poona in the 15th century and enjoyed the position of Deshmukh and Patil there. The father of the branch of this family was Tammaji Sitole and his descendant, in the 6th generation, was Kshetroji Rao Sitole who distinguished himself on the field of battle in a manner that he. was awarded the title of Sena Hardu Sahasri and the village of Padri in jagir by Maharaja Sahu Chhatarpati of Satara in 1711. Later on, for similar services, the villages of Ankali Manjri and Mez were granted. The family seat was removed to Ankali although the heads remained in service at Poona.  The most famous member of this family was Sir Appajirao Shitole.

Appaji Rao Sitole Anklekar, c.i.e., Lieut.-Col. Amir-ul- umra Sardar --

Appaji Rao Shitole was born in 1874 and he received a good vernacular education under the supervision of his father. He was married to the youngest daughter of His Highness the late Maharaja Jivaji Rao Scindia of Gwalior. Since his marriage he has been assigned a perpetual annuity of a lac of rupees. He was appointed Private Secretary to His Highness Maharaja Sir Madho Rao Scindia of Gwalior in 1897.  The Maharaja of Gwalior conferred upon him the rank of Honorary Captain and took him to China as a member of his staff. In the following year he was appointed a member of His Highness's Judicial Council. He accompanied His Highness to England on the occasion of the Coronation of His Majesty Edward VII. He was an Honorary Lieut. -Colonel in the Gwalior army. He is the patron of the Lashkar Temperance Association , President of the Kanya Dharma Vardhni Sabha , Chief Supporter of the Blind Asylum at Lashkar and President of the Madho Orphanage. The Government recognised his services to the State by the grant of the Honor of c.i.E. in 1913.